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Espejos Decor

La serie Decor se caracteriza por el patrón decorativo colocado alrededor del borde del espejo y la retroiluminación que se extiende a la pared detrás del producto.
Tipo de habitación - Cuarto de baño ✖
Tipo de habitación - Pasillo ✖
Tipo de habitación - Salón ✖
Tipo de habitación - Comedor ✖
Forma del espejo - Redondos ✖
Forma del espejo - Rectangulares ✖
Forma del espejo - Redondeados ✖
Forma del espejo - Oval ✖
Forma del espejo - Irregulares ✖
Colección - AmbientLine ✖
Colección - PremiumLine ✖
Colección - Decor ✖
Colección - Color ✖
Sistema de iluminación LED - Iluminación alrededor del espejo ✖
Orientación del espejo - Horizontal ✖
Orientación del espejo - Vertical ✖

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Decorative mirrors

Decorative mirrors are the perfect addition to any interior, be it a living room, bedroom or bathroom. Exclusive mirror will add subtle elegance to your home and optically enlarge it.


LED lighted mirrors are the best choice possible!

We offer mirrors with frames of various motifs. The geometric motif will fit into a minimalist decor, while the jungle motif will add a unique character to any bathroom. Meanwhile, decorative flowers on the mirror frame will warm up the room and make it more colourful.


Additional accessories- A modern LED mirror can be enhanced with a variety of additional accessories to make everyday life easier and more enjoyable.

A bathroom mirror that doesn't steam up? Yes, this is finally possible! We designed our LED mirrors for those who are tired of poor visibility in the mirror and a fogged up surface.
Checking the time and weather will make daily outings easier.
The clock mirror will make getting dressed for the time of your choice easier than ever before.
Cosmetic mirror as a mirror accessory, Bluetooth and battery powered.
Enjoy your smart LED mirror uninterrupted!


For every size and shape!

Looking for the perfect mirror for your home? That's perfect, you just found them! How do we have this certainty? Our mirrors are to any size and shape.
A mirror with LED lighting saves energy and money, and will last you many years without fail. Elegant, modern mirrors will add character to your interior, definitely worth betting on!
The variety of sizes available in our mirrors is a guarantee that you will find a mirror tailored to your needs! There are classic sizes perfect for the bathroom, living room, as well as more elongated ones for the hallway or anywhere you want to look through. Choose from the following sizes: 80 x 60, 70 x 50, 90 x 60, 100 x 60, 100 x 80.
The shapes of our mirrors can be whatever you need them to be! Round or only gently rounded to keep up with modern trends and soften sharp edges. Rectangular or square for those who love classics and elegance.


Mirror installed ? Add a photo with the hashtag #Artforma_com to be among the thousands of satisfied customers!


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